Here’s What Tech Insiders Have To Say About Secure Messaging Apps in 2019

Most secure messaging app, encrypted messaging app, secure messaging app, secure private messaging app best secure messaging app for android and iPhone. We hear a lot of these articles and lot has been published many times and in the discourse of a definite secure messaging app has varying opinions and strong points so, we have gathered insights of what the industry insiders say about secure messaging apps in 2019. We’re giving you a rundown of the words from the insiders themselves:

Telegram’s ‘Unsend All’ feature

One of the most sought out features in a messaging app, telegram has finally brought the feature of unsending all message that absolutely give a peace of mind by deleting all messaging history work like a nuclear bomb as in gone. This feature caught the attention of many insiders such as Natasha Lomas of Tech Church, further explains this feature as:

On a practical level, the presence of such a nuclear delete on Telegram’s platform arguably means the only sensible option – to minimize the risk of potential future misuse and/or manipulation of their chat history. (Albeit, what doing that will do to your friendships is a whole other question.)

(article excerpt and condensed from Tech Church)

It’s interesting how Lomas emphasizes the idea of misuse/manipulation of chat history since there has been a series of blackmailing and all forms of social media chats and posts and on personal messaging that has been screengrabbed and for manipulating and on online feuds, and knowing how social media space can be manipulative and deceiving oftentimes is that one screen grabbed image can ruin your reputation.

Perhaps this is the answer that Telegram has brought to end online qualms.

Snapchat Adds End-To-End Encryption

The term, end-to-end encryption, or E2E in short has garnered a reputation for securing and protecting messaging and communication data that sticks to the device and prevents any data from entering in other servers. In article in written by Saima Salim of Digital Information World, she notes that in a  report by Amnesty, Snapchat is not doing enough to protect the user’s privacy nor is it transparent in informing users about the threats to their human rights.

While there may still be an issue regarding the app’s limited E2E features, the company has promised that they will integrate the E2E feature in the app fully in the long run, while time can only tell, it’s good to hear that Sanapshot offers a promise that can hopefully happen and ensure such atrocities will ever be prevented.

Apps With The Best Secret Chats That Works

Mobile App Daily has noted Telegram, Threema, Viber and KakaoTalk for their efficient secure messaging, user-friendly features, and these apps offer End-To-End encryption feature that protects any data breach. Telegram and Threema has break waves by including self-destrcutive chats (indicating a self-destruct messaging that is optimized by scheduling) and former’s recent unsend all would surely attract and assure users safe messaging and even a protected app experience.

We’re still in the first quarter of 2019, and there’s yet to be seen on secure messaging’s potential.

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