Types of New Social Media Apps

new social media apps installed on iPhone

Social media is a very significant tool which is used to carry out a lot of important functions. It is likely for you to have at least one account and customize your own profile.

Here are some types of new social media apps which are grouped according to their purposes:


Some of the common examples of these kind are EyesUP, Facebook, and Twitter.

These apps are used to gain more knowledge about a particular topic or trend, locate a nearby business to try its products or look for a job, share ideas or updates about your personal life, create or join social groups based on your preferences and communicate with friends and family anytime of the day and anywhere around the world.


To know the pointers to review in an exam, the latest work assignment, and how is everyone back home, it is now a necessity to download at least one messaging app that you all commonly use such as Messenger, Line and KakaoTalk. It is hard to determine which apps actually fall in this category since most like Instagram are now offering a feature to chat with other users.

Aside from text, users can also communicate via video chat or audio calls. It is also possible to send stickers, photos, and videos. Some also offer security features like encryption to protect your personal conversations from potential snoopers and hackers.


Why do you download apps like TripAdvisor and Trivago?

It is to check experiences from users about places you need to go for your summer getaway. You don’t have to worry anymore because you can also see the instructions on how to go there, rules you need to follow, and things to avoid in order to not be caught or worse, deported. You can also use it to see reviews about new products that you want to try firsthand and how effective they actually work.

Business owners are also mostly likely to use these it in order to see customers’ remarks and discover what needs to be improved in order to satisfy them.


This platform allows users to express their creativity by creating and sharing their artworks or well-curated shots. It is also used to post catchy advertisements, colorful charts, and other kind of photos using a trendy hashtag that capture people’s curiousity and start a discussion or make them decide about someting. Apps that help in making this possible are Instagram, VSCO, and Snapchat.


Whenever we want to keep ourselves updated and informed about a certain topic, entertain ourselves, see what famous people are doing or study a certain skill, it is advisable to watch videos every now and then. Thankfully, it is now possible to do this daily and you can even save or share more videos because of video hosting apps such as Youtube and Vimeo.

Aside from watching, it is also likely to happen that a community is also formed where people discuss what happened, what they want to see in the next episode, support new talents, or simply to make new friends who have the same interests.


It is not enough to post an image or status especially if you want to promote your work or advertise a new business. A self-made website is certainly enough to do those kind of tasks but it is troublesome to actually make one especially if you have no idea in web design or plain old HTML codes.

Established blogging platforms such as Tumblr allows their users to connect with each other and have a space to create original content and have a voice to express their thoughts. You can also re-post older content in order to attract new readers.


Apps like Reddit are specifically used to make a statement, explain more topics, start a question, and simply to converse with other users. Therefore, this attracts people to talk about their common interests and form sub-communities. Unlike social networking apps where it is also possible to make public conversations, discussion apps tend to give out less private information since they only ask for your nickname and/or email address. This is also where you can see discussion theories about your favorite TV shows and movies or read ongoing fictions.

Aside from those mentioned above, there are also other types of social media apps who are used for different purposes. And there are also other apps who have more than one features mentioned from different types.

One of those is a new app called EyesUP. With photo sharing capabilities and social networks in order to communicate with people and talk about the latest trends.

Try it for yourself by downloading it on Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

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