Top 7 Secure Messaging Apps That Have Gone Too Far

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Here are top 7 secure messaging apps that have gone too far:

  1. Viber

Secure messaging apps protect your data from any security breach and leaks and from your vindictive contacts to, some apps like Telegram and Viber have pushed the envelope and introduced features like secret chats and self-destruct message sending tools that go beyond protecting data.

One of the top secure messaging apps, Viber provides an end to end encryption service that protects user data from any leak. The self-destruct messaging feature with optimized timer makes it outlandish and actualizes every users’ dream of a definite secure messaging experience.

  1. Telegram

The latest feature, delete everything may sound like a nuclear solution to every messaging woe, this feature sound may have gone too far but it comes off practical and useful, it helps both the user and its receiver from ever incriminating each other.

  1. Signal

Of all the secure messaging apps, Signal boasts many “out of this world” features that are unimaginable, precise yet changes the idea of what a secure messaging app’s capacity and the idea as a whole.

Three notable features are: hidden messages appearing from your lock screen: this feature shows a straight up protective approach from any prying eyes especially if you’re on a workplace carrying loads of confidential documents, let alone some on an off office arguments that your co-workers might even exploit.

Second, is the security passcode allows and verifies the user’s call. In a case where your receiver’s phone gets stolen or someone else’s using their phone causes potential risk of being traced, security code prevents any of those circumstances from ever happening, and the good thing about it is that it encourages your receiver from practicing secure messaging app and making it a habit.

Third is E2E (end-to-end encryption) without any data recorded: what makes it unique is the messages are only transmitted within you and its receiver and stays within your devices that means the messages are transferred to another without any trace.

  1. Cyber Dust

This secure messaging app also functions like social media that adds the protection: Cyber Dust’s messaging has a heavy end-to-end encryption that not only scramble messages and also disappears from 100 seconds to 24 hours if remains unopend by receiver. The app’s encryption has 128-bit AES encryption along with added security through RSA 2048-bit key that adds layered, secure fortification that works like a guarded fortress.

  1. Threema

Threema made its break in the secure messaging app’s list by its protected data from carrier and government that may cause some users some trouble. Threema’s transparent privacy policy is surprising to see from a secure messaging app, it’s something that is unexpected and at the same time, it shows that developers take effort and commitment to provide their subscribers the messaging experience they need.

And on top of that, Threema doesn’t require to include your mobile number and email address and instead, the app provides you one. All communications: name it messaging and calls doesn’t store any data from your phone storage so that means your phone is untraced.

Scanning verification levels and key fingerprint are two things that add layer on protecting your privacy and at the same time, those features are secure that actually work.

  1. Wickr

Wickr’s shredder feature is another outlandish concept in secure messaging app simply because of its concept, while end to end encryption scrambles exchanging messages and communication, there is no guarantee that all of your data gets protected, shredder feature delete every single call, message, file sent from your device permanently that prevent any data on getting hijacked.

  1. WhatsApp

This app has a handful of secure features and tools that make the first six apps make a run of their money: two step verification and security notification elevate the practice of secure messaging app.

The two-step verification creates a six-pin code that doubles protection from prying eyes but make sure to include your email in case you forgot your pin.

Security notification lets you know if the messages you’ve sent are encrypted, deleted and it makes you keep your activities on track and look back at some of the messages that needed cleanup.

Final Thoughts

Secure messaging apps may have gone too far and it is only the way to push bounds towards a secure messaging experience. It’s going beyond what’s necessary to make the idea work, it’s cutting edge feature that define what a secure messaging app and make the concept even more relevant and useful than ever.

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