Photo Sharing Apps In Indonesia To Look Out!

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The app PicMix has over 10 million users across Indonesia, and with a homegrown app’s huge following says a lot of enthusiasm to local made brands, it makes every Indonesian proud that app is an accomplishment and they can definitely call it on their own.

In the topic of Indonesian photo sharing apps, we’ll discuss PicMix and other photo sharing apps in Indonesia that got the same amount of following.

The PicMix Success

Launched by Blackberry back in 2012, this app became a surprise hit given BlackBerry at that time is facing a stiff competition with Apple and Android platforms, PicMix registered 2 million users in first few months, with the app having no marketing budget at all which is amazing the fact that app sharing can be competitive and basically winning over your audience.

One factor that likely garnered the app’s millions of followers would be simplicity: not everyone is an expert, photo sharing is simple, eye catching, and in this age, everyone prefers anything that is instant and on the go.

PicMix began a photo sharing app like with customized photo filters that are commonly available in our smartphones, it brings out the artist in each user who opens the app.

As of today, this app is alive and kicking and you can download it in Google Play.

The Indonesian App Craze

There are two reasons why the craze are legit: Indonesia is one of the big mobile markets in the world, and second, they’re tech-savvy. And 55% of their mobile users are tech literate under the age of 25, looking at that demographic back in 2013 projects an emerging number of mobile users to come.

Also, Indonesians are passionate about social media, they spend most of their time consuming the given apps such as Path, Kalus and many app developers are encouraged to produce more social media apps and step up their game, hence the completion rises up.

Boston Consulting Group says that said that Indonesia is “Asia’s Next Big Opportunity” with middle class to double to 141 million in 2020 and expecting a growth rate by 6-7%.

Thanks to the middle class’ increase, more mobile companies offer mid-range phones that can go on toe with flagship phone features.

Apps To Look Out


Used by many, loved by many around the world, there’s no excuse that one person may miss this app.  Last year, the total number of Indonesian users Instagram is estimated to be 45 million that manifests their social media passion and tech-savvy demographic has proven their social media productivity.

In 2016, 22 million active users surged to 700 million which is a massive increase, it’s perhaps display Instagram’s exciting photo sharing experience and a huge mobile users that create massive tech consumption records like these.

And given Indonesians’ strong connection social media, additional features such as stories and customizable “friends only” viewing option encourage these users to be more connective and to share more of these moments.


Showing more than just customized filters, VSCO features filters that are exceptionally stunning. Its standard editing tools allow users to manipulate saturation, contrast and grain that pushes standard photo editing standards. The presets akin to vintage camera is another reason why Indonesians should look out.

The recent added social space allows users to connect with their friends, loved ones and almost everyone around the world and while VSCO may not be casual like Instagram, it connects artists together and VSCO offers the best of both social and photo sharing that would surely attract the Indonesian market.


If you’re looking for premium photography and bring out creative juices, EyeEm is just the right stop for you. With 22 million users showcasing stunning photography and if you happen to be one, you could make money out of it, and be included in one of a hundred million photo and videos that are licensed and royalty-free. EyeEm also has this cool feature called picked by EyeEm Selects that scans your photos that fits the aesthetic standards that fit to their algorithm.

For serious, passionate photo enthusiasts, EyeEm is definitely for those who want to pursue their artistic endeavors and with 22 million users around the world would surely attract artists and alike.

Final Thoughts

The charm of photo sharing apps is that photos provide a reactionary response, a relief, it becomes reflective of our own memories, as oppose to something written, not everyone has the patience to read, we want something feels instant, we like looking at photos as it takes our mind to another subconscious.

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