girl checking her instant messaging app

10 Free Instant Messaging Apps that Millennials are Obsessed With

Let’s be real here: Texting is most likely a thing of the past now. As texting is coming to a slow decline, secure messaging apps for android and iOS, on the other hand, are topping the charts. What is an Instant Messaging App? According to eztalks, here is what instant…

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Secure green metal gate with brown metal padlock

Top 7 Secure Messaging Apps That Have Gone Too Far

Here are top 7 secure messaging apps that have gone too far: Viber Secure messaging apps protect your data from any security breach and leaks and from your vindictive contacts to, some apps like Telegram and Viber have pushed the envelope and introduced features like secret chats and self-destruct message…

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Traveler Taking Photo of Foods

11 Reasons Why Travelers Love Social Media

Social media’s photo sharing features have allow traveler to post the places where they’re going, and as social media evolves with the inclusion of Instagram stories with boomerang features, social media allow us to come up with creative posts, sharing photos of the Swiss Alps and now we even share…

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new social media apps installed on iPhone

Types of New Social Media Apps

Social media is a very significant tool which is used to carry out a lot of important functions. It is likely for you to have at least one account and customize your own profile. Here are some types of new social media apps which are grouped according to their purposes:…

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Android and iPhone Smartphones Side by Side

Most Secure Messaging Apps for iOS and Android

These days, there are 9 in every ten people who are tech literate that makes chances of getting access on your phone. The things that make a messaging apps secure: encrypted features, encrypted messaging, tight log-in credentials is what make an app secure as assure that experience. Some apps that I…

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Asian Women Texting Using Messaging Apps

Messaging Apps in the Philippines to Download for Beginners

Having access to rapidly evolving technology and connecting with people has never been this convenient. The digital age has made waves here in the Philippines, that we consume messaging apps and social media like water. So here’s a rundown of messaging apps for beginners Google Messages The SMS messaging app answer…

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People using private messaging app using their android or iphone

Best Private Messaging Apps for Android and iPhone Users

Private conversations and secure chat don’t always guarantee 100% privacy, be it android or iPhone. With that, having a private messenger that would assure security for you. There are handful apps that can come in handy that specializes private, secure and secret equipped with encrypted features. Do check out these…

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10 Tips for Creating a Presence in New Social Media Apps

Finally, you decided to start being an influencer by posting pictures or videos about something you are actually good at. After curating your feed and uploading amazing videos, you still have a hard time to attract new followers in your social media accounts. You need to have an online presence…

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Filipinos Who Inspire Others To Stand Out By Using New Social Media Apps

Meaning of Influencer An influencer is person who is recognized by a lot of people whether within a certain country or worldwide and can therefore convince them to buy a product or service by recommending it on their social media accounts. Technology has a huge impact on our daily lives…

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How Secure Messaging Apps Will Help You Have Peace of Mind?

How can messaging apps prove that they are safe to use? It is a known fact that every developer will tell you that their messaging app considers the privacy and security of their users, but how can you be so sure? It might not be tested properly to secure sensitive…

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