5 Easy Ways to Organize Your Social Media Presence

woman showing her social media profile

Social media is taking us over, as new platforms and trends emerge daily. With that, it’s easy to get swayed to a lot of content that our social network accounts tend to get messy.

If you’re one of those people who think that his/her social networking profiles are getting out of hand, then tune in to this list. We have 5 easy ways for you to organize accounts.

5 Easy Ways to Organize Your Social Media Presence

Having an organized social media presence will leave a good impression on a lot of people. On the other hand, having a well-thought personal feed will also bring out the best of you. So by doing these tips, you’ll have a better social media experience.

#1: Choose Your Social Media Platforms Wisely

We tend to pick the most trending platforms. Where the crowd goes, we go with them. This leaves us with several social network accounts that we don’t even use regularly or contain contents we’re not approved of.

With this in mind, list down all the social media profiles that you have. Analyze if you’re still using the account– deactivate it if you’re no longer using it.

You can also look for an all-in-one social media app so that you don’t need to make several accounts on other social media platforms.

#2: Follow Accounts That Brings Quality Posts

How can we say an account brings in quality? This is pretty subjective as it’s up to you what creators are bringing in quality content, and creators that are worth unfollowing for.

Also, find creators that bringing in positive reinforcements instead of creators that are dwelling on negative or nonsense thoughts.

#3: Assess your Friends List

You may have a thousand friends, but assess it for a minute. Once you’re done, ask yourself– do you know all of those people that are on your friends’ list?

Imagine, a random “Mike” can access your profile– and you have no clue who he is. Imagine the harm he or anyone you don’t know can bring by being able to see every info about you.

With this, it’s time to unfriend/unfollow some of them. This action will also make your feed filled with significant posts instead of random stuff.

#4: Make Different Types of Profile for Different Types of Platform

If you’re not comfortable adding your clients on your personal account then you can simply create an account for work-related colleagues. Having different social media profiles will also help you find proper followers and connections. Instead of finding clients through the personal account, you can use a work account to avoid any mishaps such as a prospect seeing your weird memes.

#5: Untag Yourself

If you have unflattering or embarrassing photos from other users, you can simply untag yourself. Don’t let unnecessary content be part of your feed. Remember, it’s a reflection of who you are. So if it’s filled with awkward tagged photos of a night out, then you’re already putting an unpleasant first impression.

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