20 Sassy Millennial Terms to use on Messenger

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Millennials, unite! We’re here to share with you the 20 sassy terms you can use on messenger.

Whether you’re trying to be humorous to your crush or trying to “shade” someone on group chat, here are modern terms you can use to add some sass to your messages.

20 Sassy Millennial Terms to Use on Messenger


Being Cool. This term is perfect if you’re feeling extra cool about yourself. Does someone comment that your sweater is weird in your recent photo? Tell them it’s just swag.


Any type of fun activity. Going to the house party? Don’t forget to mention “lit” on your social media stories.


A term that describes something weird, but is cool at the same time. Perfect for those hipster shots you’re sending to your best friends.


A person that doesn’t care about consequences. If you started spitting out the truth on the group chat and people just wonder why. Tell them you’re savage.


A sassy yet truthful remark on someone. If someone’s pissing you off, just straight-up throw some shade on him/her.


Modern term for Gossip. Sometimes, giving some tea is also a way to throw some shade on someone.


This term is used when being in conflict with someone. Receipts are proof of your argument. If your friend Betty is gossiping about another friend behind her back, then you can solidify your ‘tea’ by showing ‘receipts’.


Being impressive. If your friend posted an awesome OOTD (outfit of the day) photo, let her know that she is slaying.


Being a mess. Sometimes, you gotta call out someone. Someone you have to chat with your thesis mate that she’s being a ratchet.


A fiercer term for ‘friend’. It doesn’t mean anything negative, but it does add sass to your character.


Being bitter about something. Betty is mad at you because you were chosen for the part? She’s very salty, then.


Being over-the-top on activities, clothing, etc. You’ll most likely go to use this term a lot on messenger since being extra is required to become sassy.

Clap Back

A sassy reply from someone’s insult/gossip. It usually contains an explanation too.


Another popular alternative to a relatively normal term such as “shock”.


Not forgiving someone because he/she had said or done. When you’re canceled, your popularity, reputation, and future endeavors are usually over.


Living life without hesitation. It could also mean that it’s something you love so much that it’s basically your life.


Looking so good. Snatched came from the context that a person looks so good, everyone’s wig was snatched.


The term you use to describe someone who only likes mainstream stuff, and just keeping up with trends as part of his/her personality.

On Fleek

Term to use when your makeup or look is on-point. Term to use if you wanted to look good and be sassy.


An abbreviation that means: You Only Live Once. It means that you need to live life to the fullest, and sometimes it involved being sassy on messenger.

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