5 Unexpected Ways Secure Messaging App Can Make Indonesian Life Better

In wake of Telegram ban back in 2017 for safety issues and concerns, Indonesian mobile users have options to look for more secure messaging apps that would give them a peace of mind and they won’t have to look over their shoulders. Here are five unexpected ways secure messaging apps to take note:

Encrypted Features

You might heard this term when we talk about secure messaging apps but to have a high quality encrypted quality message makes sure your phone call logs and messages are barred and ensure from being protected of algorithms that allows keywords or related words that may easily trace your message history, an encrypted feature linked to your password and messaging app’s function builds a barrier.

Self-destruct Message

If you’ve seen the Mission Impossible films, usually the opening sequence shows an automated voice message Ethan Hunt: “this message will self-destruct in 3..2..1.” may fictuous at it sounds but some apps like Viber and Wickr offer messages that you can send that allows the receiver to view at a specific time period.

Some apps offering self-destruct message also offer options that allows the user to send and make a message available at a certain amount of time that

Secret Message

Having a feature at this messaging app allows users to have a secret message that can’t be traced at your app’s users, specifically suitable for working people who are sending confidential files or anything that is top secret, an app like Viber makes it possible and the thing with secret messages is once you delete a thread, a recipient’s copy will be deleted as well.

A Reliable Anti-Virus App

Granted, secured messaging apps have their own protective features but some sites that shows pop out ads are likely to have virus that would likely penetrate your phone and get access to your phone’s data, online shopping for instance poses a risk of getting traction by hackers as transactions require sending your personal details such as credit card number and other authenticated information and likelier scenarios would be your credit card bill going skyrocket that’s certainly would give one a headache.

Having an anti-virus app is your first line your defense: filtering unwanted bots,

Avast and AVL are some of the best anti-viruses out there that you can rely on: their scanner feature on every app help detect potential viruses that can sneak on your personal information and block potential prying eyes.

You Become App Secure Conscious

Those complex jargons are hard to understand by its elaborate processes but the silver lining is that reading articles and pieces related to encryption and anti-virus apps helps users familiarize and comprehend how encryption and usage of secure features in a messaging app and learn how they work, it takes a lot of process to learn but once you get the hang how encryption and secure features, you become alert, cautious and appreciate the hard work these developers put.

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