Got these Messages on your Free Texting App? Delete it Immediately

guy sad over free texting app scams

Yes, you may get the most secure messaging app online, but some scammers can still be sneaky and send you questionable messages on your free texting app.

So if ever you get any of these text scams, delete those messages immediately on your free texting app.

Message from your “Someone You Know”

This type of message usually contains someone introducing themselves as a distant relative or a work acquaintance. They would ask a favor on the recipient that involves money or clicking a link. By engaging with someone to this type of scam, you’ll either lose a lot of money or get your phone hacked. Beware of this especially if your free texting app doesn’t have secure chat.

You’re our winner!

This type of text scam is one of the most common forms. They would usually send a message to someone that they won a raffle that either involves millions or a house and lot. The message would even contain serial numbers or some fictional name of an attorney.

Urgent Message from a Bank

On this type of text, they would usually panic the recipient. They will tell them that there are major problems on their account. They would then manipulate the recipient to click the link or call their number, thus continuing the scam.

Good Samaritan on your Free Texting App

This is a bit rare, but sometimes, a scammer will introduce himself/herself on the message as a good samaritan and is that he/she is willing to help out the recipient.

A “Romantic” Scam

These apply most on social media apps. On this type of scam, there will be people trying to pretend someone they’re not and lure gullible people to have an online relationship with them. After that, they will then ask for money or gifts.

Family Getting into an Accident

Here’s will be the scenario for this: Recipient is peacefully doing something. He/she will get a message, finding out that one of the family members got into an accident. Even if there are no names involved, the recipient will be in a manic frenzy. The sender will then ask the recipient for money, which will be then compiled by the recipient, not realizing he/she got scammed.

And there you go, the 5 main messaging apps you might get on your free texting apps.

Keep your Phone and All in one Messenger Safe

When it comes to your secure messaging apps for Android or iOS, always be aware of the consequences. You may not realize it but by recklessly clicking links, you might put yourself and your data in danger.

You should also be aware of social network apps that have security features. Apps like EyesUP have secure chat features that will keep you safe from scammers.

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