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These days, messaging has evolved significantly to a point that we have many options to express and articulate ourselves in a creative manner, and also some images’ context produces a semiotic factor that we put different ways to communicate with images that certain people understand. If you have seen Jordan Peele’s Us starring the brilliant Lupita Nyong’o, you might come across the scissor emoji and watching it gives that horrific context and you’d probably laugh or cry.

After emojis, stickers came, and there’s a lot of free emoji stickers and sticker text apps that popped left and right from Google to messaging apps.

Best Photo Sticker (Android)

Watching anime is without those visual expressions says a lot of feeling. A waterdrop says frustration or feeling of “weirded out” or the angry/pissed emotion, Best Photo sticker takes that anime-like emoji sticker and lets you relive those moments you’ve seen before. And you have 100+ emojis you can pick from, name it glasses, moustache and those kawaii smiles that make you uWu.

Sticker for Texting (Android)

For iOS/Apple users, sticker for texting is you messenger stickers on the go for over 10,000+ stickers to choose from: You have the traditional emoji like basic smiles, crying and also unique emojis and colored variants to choose from. Many users lauded this free sticker app as “easy to use” and one Apple Store user raves: has a great variety of beautifully made stickers and has always been a reliable app to use for creating fun, unique texts to send to friends and family.” And its ratings ranging from 4-5 stars prove that this app is an entry point for Apple users who want to get familiar with emojis.

Super Mario Run (iOS)

For fans of the game, this favorite red hat plummer has graced your messaging screens – stickers include a question mark brick, toad, hat and coin. These stickers would definitely make you hum the theme over and over again.

Toca Life Paper Cat (iOS and Android)

To brig a brief backstory of this temperamental cat wrapped in a paper bag is a “former pageant contestant who left glitz and glamour behind her.” If you’re feeling diva, and done with life, this is the sticker emoji that bring out the sass and class attitude that would make you feel fabulous. The popcorn and heart expressions are pretty much fiery and fierce and you’d catch its attention. Both Android and Ios users can share this animated sticker app.

P.S. I Love Dogs (iOS)

For dog lovers out there, P.S. I love dogs offer different dog breeds that meet every dog enthusiast’s needs. If you love shih-tzu, husky, dachshunds (or if you feel you are one), P.S. I Love Dogs is a great messaging sticker that allows you to bond with your friends and share your enthusiasm with dogs.

Retro Emoji (iOS)

Those who aren’t context with a basic J or smile emoji tend to go overboard or find ways to express themselves, some would go as far retro variants though to be honest, it can be quite a labor to type them, and that’s what makes this sticker app amazing: one click and it’s hassle-free.

Take Heart Calligraphy Stickers (iOS)

If you’re into cheese and heartfelt phrases and quotes to uplift and cheer up someone, congratulations: you won’t need to go to a novelty store to buy a fancy, sophisticated quote printed in mugs, one sticker emoji is a digital express that lets you carry that experience. Now you can say “Thank you” and “I love you in a genuine way” even if you don’t 100% wholeheartedly mean it, and your friends would probably buy to it but seriously, go get this sticker app, and with one click, you can easily make someone loved and feel worth it.

Google Minis

For Android stickers, google’s latest keyboard feature update. You can make your ow mini me emoji stickers that allows you to be a character of your own by taking a selfie, the camera scans and creates your likeness and there’s a set of customizable style that you can choose both. These two styles are: bold minis is more neutral and sweet mini offers a soft, adorable image of you, these styles offer set of stickers that customizes your emotions and expressions.

Come to think of it, it sounds creepy at first, but in a way it allows you to have your own icon, your own brand. You can use use Google Minis on messaging apps available and of your own choosing

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