Free Calling Apps Commonly Used on Pakistan

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Pakistan, officially known as the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, is a country located in South Asia. It is the world’s sixth most populous country and the 33rd largest country in area.
Urbanization of Pakistan increased after it achieved independence as a result of its partition of India. The majority of the population in the south resides along the Indus River, with Karachi being the most populous commercial city. Furthermore, more than 50% of Pakistanis live in towns that have 5,000 people or more. Immigration, from both within and outside the country, is regarded as one of the main factors contributing to urbanisation in Pakistan
Because of these, a lot of Pakistanis are using free calling apps as a way to interact with each other and people from other countries.

Here is a List of Seven Free Calling Apps and Websites Commonly Used in Pakistan:


Calls made on Telos are transmitted via the internet instead of a cellular network, so there is no minute limit. They can talk as long as they like because it provides unlimited free calls and texts among users. It is easy to set up and users can sign up immediately with your phone number, email address, or Facebook account. You don’t have to tap a bunch of numbers to make a call because your contacts list will be automatically linked to Telos.


PopTox makes it easy for Pakistanis to stay in touch with your loved ones. They offer free calls to most countries of the world without signing up or using a credit card. Just enter the mobile or landline number on the phone displayed on the website and click on it call. Despite strict regulations from the telecommunication sector, its local presence in Pakistan and constant partnership with local telephone companies allow it to offer limited number of free calls within and outside Pakistan.


Another free calling website, it is used to make high quality international calls to any mobile or landline phone number directly from the browser. Calls can be made directly from a standard web browser and there is no need for downloads or plugins. Another advantage is you can record outgoing calls for free.

Google Duo

For Android users looking for the closest thing to a Facetime alternative, it will be Google Duo. Aside from doing video chats, it has new features including the addition of audio-only calls support.


Fring allows users to do chat messaging, audio calls, video calling, and add other communication services as well as connecting with your phone book. The other party must also download the app so you can both enjoy the free calls using the internet. Group video calls are also available but users should be aware on the impact of data usage.

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