Filipinos Who Inspire Others To Stand Out By Using New Social Media Apps

Meaning of Influencer

An influencer is person who is recognized by a lot of people whether within a certain country or worldwide and can therefore convince them to buy a product or service by recommending it on their social media accounts.

Technology has a huge impact on our daily lives so it is not a surprise that many Filipinos became known online for sharing their expertise in a certain field. Because of this, companies sought their help in order to help them promote a certain brand.

So how can someone build their presence online and become a digital influencer? Here is a list of Filipinos who inspire others to stand out by using new social media apps:

Joyce Pring

Aside from being an actress, a singer, a radio jock, and an event host, Joyce is also a lifestyle influencer who has a blog named “Joyce to the World” where she posts about her activities with family and friends. Despite her busy schedule, she still has time to travel in different places and attend various events.

Erwan Heussaff

Erwan has a blog called “The Fat Kid Inside” which talks about his experience about being unhealthy before and how he transformed himself into someone who has an active lifestyle with important tips about food and fitness. Aside from that, he also post photos on his social media accounts about his travels around the world and his activities with his wife.

Tricia Gosingtian

A well-known fashion influencer and traveller, Tricia has gained followers because of her aesthetic travel photos, information about different places and discovering fashion secrets which are all seen in her blog “Tricia Will Go Places”. She is also passionate in art and photography. 

Camille Co

Camille is famous in Instagram for her colorful #OOTD and travel photos which serve as inspiration to make your feed more aesthetically looking. 

Gretchen Ho

A former collegiate volleyball player, Gretchen is now a host in news and magazine programs that promotes a healthy and active lifestyle. Aside from that she has her own blog where she shares her personal exercise routines and diet which can help people stay fit. 

Abbey Sy

Abbey Sy is an artist and best-selling author who regularly posts nature, travel, daily experiences, and calligraphy photos on her social media accounts. 

Cheryl Tiu

Cheryl is a food influencer who also writes and edits articles about food discoveries for magazines and columns such as Lifestyle Asia, Forbes, CNN and many more. She also has an events platform named “Cross Cultures” where she introduces Filipino cuisine to the world. 

Jason Magbanua

Jason is a known videographer who is known for his breathtaking wedding videos. Aside from that, he also posts uniqie photos on his Instsgram account about his artistic shows, daily life experiences, and the places he visited around the world.

Lloyd Cadena

Lloyd became a Youtube sensation because of his sense of humor and the numerous videos in his channel have very relatable content. He also makes videos and skits about daily life in general or interview random people famous on the television screen and the internet. 

Wil Dasovich

Aside from being known as a housemate in Pinoy Big Brother, he also has vlogs in his Youtube channel that talks about his adventures in Southeast Asia, particularly in the Philippines. He also talks about his relationship with another famous influencer, his struggles when he was diagnosed with cancer and how he survived until he was declared cancer free. 

Paolo Ballesteros

Aside from being a TV celebrity and host, Paolo is known for his makeup transformation photos which are posted on his social media accounts that captured the attention of Filipinos and even international celebrities. He has copied the looks of actors and singers such as Regine Velasquez, Angelina Jolie, and many more. 

Bretman Rock

A makeup and beauty guru, Bretman shows makeup tutorials on his Youtube channel which is done through funny statements. He is currently living in Hawaii but he is very proud of being a Filipino. 

Kim Jones

Kim is known as a digital fashion influencer in Southeast Asia who is also the wife of actor Jericho Rosales. She loves to post pictures about her unique style and fashion including her travels and creative shots.

After knowing these influencers, maybe you are also inspired to try it yourself. You can do it using the help of social media acounts and new apps like EyesUP are created in order to reach out to people around the world and create your own mark.

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