EyesUP: Hottest Social Media and Messenger App for 2019?

social media and messenger app eyesup

Everyone’s looking for a new social media and messenger app. It’s because of the different data breaches from popular apps.

With that, new social networking apps are launching in the digital space. This is to fill in the needs of users who have left the said established apps.

Aside from the data breaches, more and more users have expressed their grievances regarding the apps they’re using. Some contain too complex setup, too many ads, and a lot more features that do not really serve their purpose.

Now, among these new social platforms, one social media and messenger app stood out from the rest.

With its 500,000+ installs, it continues to boom the Asian market. It’s called EyesUP.

What is EyesUP?

EyesUP is a social media app that is geared towards reinventing social media and messaging. It provides a social media environment that’s stress-free, meaningful, and enjoyable.

EyesUP prides itself on having distinct features that are simple, accessible, customer-centric, and absolutely fun to use. First, users can create more meaningful memories through photos and videos. The app will be accessible to different countries, and we aim for global expansion to let the world experience the reinvention of social media.

The platform commits to giving users that ideal networking environment. Every feature is designed for users to maximize their social networking experience. We will let you stay in touch with your family and friends, follow your favorite popular people, as well as make friends and memories by texting, calling, video calling, photo sharing with them—anytime, anywhere.

Features of EyesUP

  • Build the perfect social media profile. You can add up to 6 profile pictures!
  • Gain followers with video and photo sharing. EyesUP provides a fair algorithm, ensuring everyone’s content can shine.
  • Discover other creators through the discover board. It’s categorized into three types: Fresh, Trending, and Popular.
  • Meet new friends nearby. Nearby Friends feature allows users to discover other EyesUP users within their area.
  • Have seamless messaging. You can send text, photos, videos, and voice messages with ease.
  • Get high-quality Voice and Video calling. Trying to reach someone is no longer a challenge.
  • Broaden your social network with Group Chat. You can add up to 50 people.
  • You can request a feature that you think deserves a spot on the app. If there’s a feature that you think is going to be helpful, you can either suggest or vote for existing requests.

More Information

Want to have a reinvented social media experience? Check more information about the app here:

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