9 Tips When Chatting your Crush on Messenger

girls checking a messenger app

When getting connected with your crush on messenger, it’s a happy yet nervewracking feeling.

A part of you is jumping with joy since you’re a step ahead to get closer to your crush, but a part of you is panicking since you don’t know how to message that person.

No worries though, as we’re going to help you with your dilemma. As we have here the 9 tips that you should follow when chatting your crush on messenger.

9 Tips When Chatting your Crush on Messenger

#1: Start the Convo

If you got connected on a social media app and your crush haven’t messaged you yet, instead of sulking, go ahead and start the conversation yourself.

It could be as simple as ‘good morning’ or ‘hello’, or even start out with an inside joke between the both of you.

#2: Be Patient

Now that you got to say hello, just patiently wait for his/her reply. No need to double-text the person or anything. If the person took a long time to respond, don’t take it personally since they may be busy at the moment.

#3: Ask questions, but don’t get too personal yet!

So your crush has responded, and now you’re starting to message each other. Try asking him/her about her favorites, hobbies, and personal heroes. You can also ask some basic stuff about him/her family, and some friends. Don’t dig deep yet and just ask him/her about traumas and such. Personal stories should be saved up for personal meetups.

#4: Keep Things Light

When talking about your experiences, it can be tempting to share some serious stuff. You want your crush to know your struggles so that he/she can understand you further. But instead of getting closer, you might be driving your crush away.

#5: Be Funny

Don’t be afraid of sharing some jokes. It could be an inside joke or as simple as a meme. Bring a smile to your crush’s face by showing that ‘joker’ side of you.

#6: Don’t Overanalyze

Whatever your crush is saying on messenger, take it as a grain of salt. Overthinking about random emojis would just tire your brains out. Instead of becoming emotional over some lines, it’s best to continue chatting with the person.

#7: Give Compliments

Compliments can bring out a smile on anyone’s faces. If your crush has shared a story that’s admirable, tell it to the person.

#8: Don’t Ask your Friends for Every Response

Friends can bring out a different perspective and might help you decide about certain things. When it comes to your romantic pursuits, they’re not stuck on rose-colored glasses like you are so they can share some logical sense to you.

But you don’t have to send them the messenger screenshots every time your crush has responded. You have to use your common sense too.

Aside from that, your friends don’t fully know this person so their advice should be taken as a grain of salt too.

#9: Know When To Stop

If your crush continues to engage with you and doesn’t keep the conversation dead, then good for you! There’s a big chance that this person is interested.

But if he/she keeps answering one-word answers, replies with emojis only, or leaves you on reading for a long time, then it’s better to stop messaging this person. Don’t waste your time on people who don’t value your effort.

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