Best Video Calling Apps in India

In India, like many Asian countries, family comes first. We treasure every moment and in today’s digital age: there are a lot of chatting apps that offer some of the best chatting rooms, specialized chatting features, and free video calling that makes chatting a part of our daily lives.

That’s why a lot of chatting apps have emerged on the top that brings the best possible experience to connect, to build friendship and to make friends inside and outside India. Video chatting in particular gives quite an experience that makes you feel that you aren’t apart from your friends and family.

Here’s a list of some of the best video calling apps in India that you should try:

EyesUP Messenger

This up and coming app features a revolutionary messenger, having a video chat that connects directly, it somewhat resembles iPhone’s video conversation, it’s high picture quality is promising and made simplify without any complex or fancy options because this site makes you feel every moment with someone matters!


Having a whopping number of 150 million users worldwide, KakaoTalk lets you do messages and video calls with add ons (available for purchase), Plus Friends has also an exclusive coupon deals from your favorite brands. And if you want to spice up your video chat experience, KakaoTalk has voice filters to choose from: just tap video voice filters button menu  after connecting a video call and your filters of your own choosing will also appear on your friend’s screen as well. Unlike other apps, KakaoTalk lets you have unlimited friends that makes video chat experience wider.

Skype Lite

At some point your phone’s apps will compete for internal memory spaces. Skype while features top tier video chat calls including conference. Skype Lite on the other hand is designed for the Indian market that meets basic calling and messaging apps.

Skype Lite has Skype Bots feature that encourages a more productive chat, aside from free video calls, Lite also offers free messaging and audio calls that would make you rave.

And it can’t be lite without its speedy quality, its lightweight features made for all android devices, low-end or flagship phones. And if you have friends and family from the US and Canada, all calls are free of charge.

Skype for Business

Formerly known as Lync in 2013, Skype for Business is perfect for working people who are on the go and this app is tailor made for those who want to do good business. It’s video chat screens are direct, instant and invite additional participants.

You can share your video and view speaker’s video during a conference and join meetings with just one click. You can also track recent conversations and pick them up where you left. This app has an enhanced security via Active Directory Authentication Library (ADAL) that easily verify users legitimately and prevents from impostors from ever reach at your account and conversations.

The app features a powerpoint upload with annotation, highlighting, and laser pointer that adds a productive aspect that makes meetings do more and with whiteboard feature lets your contacts draft, draw and edit together that allows a meeting, conference call a space for exchanging ideas.

Skype For Business lets you capture those important meetings and conference can accommodate up to 250 people. Lastly, Skype for Business has a specialized url link invites that you can send to your colleagues.

Google Duo

Gmail, Google Chrome Browser, YouTube, Maps, name it, Google has given users access to all of them and not to have the burden to create multiple accounts that gives a simplistic, productive and creative experience that makes Google a one-stop shop for almost all your digital needs and who knows, they could have an Amazon but that’s a bit of a stretch at this point.

Pun aside, video messaging apps has been popping out left and right and the developers has done a great job, influenced one another like Facebook messenger set the bar. Good news is Google has added another app that gives the best they do: Google Duo.

Google Duo boasts a high quality video calls and works for both iOS and android devices that allows everyone to call and not miss out every moment with a single tap onscreen, you can start a video call right away. Thanks to suggested contacts below the screen, it’s easier to navigate contacts and sort out just for you.

Knock Knock feature is a preview lets you leave and record a short message even before going live. Say if you’re shy or want to give someone a heads up to start a conversation or quick reminders, heck even a prank call if you’re in a for a thrill! No seriously, don’t even think about it, as funny as it sounds, it’s not cool.

Google Duo is available globally, and for Indians out there who has relatives abroad, there’s no excuse not miss out or catch up with your friends and family.

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