Best Sticker Apps for iPhone

Whatever you are feeling in a certain moment, it is difficult to express your mood using plain text especially if you don’t have enough time to call each other or see face-to-face.

This is where emojis and stickers come in handy. Without futher explanation, it is now easy to say how you really feel and you can even do it in a humurous manner.

If you are using an iPhone, here are some of the best sticker packs and apps which are used for conversations:


JibJab is an app that takes a photo of your face and superimposes it on your preferred choice of animated e-cards. You can also scroll down its gallery to see hilarious edits from other users.

LINE Creators Studio

LINE Creators Studio is the official app of LINE which lets you create sticker sets from photos. The best part is that sticker creations can be sold on the LINE’s Sticker shop to enable other users to share it around the world.

Pokemon Pixel Art

This sticker pack gives a nostalgic feeling since its graphics are the same as those found in the Game Boy versions. It may have a price but it certainly brings back nostalgic feelings.

Emoji Free

Emoji Free is an iOS app where you can find tons of static and animated emojis. You can also find cool typographies to customize the messages and then export them to text messages and chats on social media.


YourMoji is a free custom emoji keyboard app where you can create and edit personal emojis, GIFs, and stickers from your phone that can be sent through social media and messaging apps such as iMessage, Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp and more.


Holo is an ap that lets you take holograms of people and animals, while also adding AR stickers anywhere you want on an image. There are hundreds of different stickers and categories that update weekly so you’ll never be bored by the same sticker. You can also adjust the size, move or rotate your sticker however you choose.


Holiday Sticker Pack has a one-time payment but it provides a lot of stickers related to vacation and travel to other countries.


Assembly is a free app that is used to create stunning designs. It can produce professional graphics using basic shapes. There are more than 150 different shapes and more than 200 stickers to choose from.

5000+ New Emojis

5000+ New Emojis is an app that adds more fun to your chat messages. It features a large variety of emojis, 3D animated emojis and stylish fonts which can also customize your smartphone.

Moji Maker

Moji Maker lets you create your own emojis and automatically sync them to your keyboard. Users can choose from different categories, customize the emoji adding eyes, hands, hats and accessories then share it to others or use it in conversations.

Sticker Maker Pro

Sticker Maker Pro is an iMessage app which will allow you to create custom stickers using your phone camera or photos from your photo library. Stickers of anything can be created from celebrities, food, pet and your friends.


Cryptos Sticker Pack is a bit pricey but it has all the stickers you need for a geeky type of conversation.

Motion Stills

Motion Stills is a type of Augmented Reality (AR) Stickers for iOS phones. This app comes from Google Research and allows you to take mini videos and then add various virtual and AR stickers. You can create GIFs, looping videos or even small movies to share


Aivatar is a personalized app that turns your precious photos and selfies into stickers. Some of them can also be animated.

Disney Sticker Pack

Disney is one of the most loved animation companies in the world because of its heartwarming cartoons and lovable characters. Using its sticker pack is perfect to unleash the inner kid in you and make anyone smile.


Select your native language then type chosen keywords and GIFPoly will show all kinds of GIF related to it.


Sticker.Place allows you to choose from thousands of stickers which is done by different artists around the world.


EyesUP is a free app downloadable on App Store which gives you a new way to keep in touch with friends and family members.
Using the apps and stickers mentioned above enable you to express yourself and customize it any way you want. Try one or all of these and put it on chat messages in EyesUP in order to spice up your conversations.

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