8 Awful Messaging Habits You Should Stop Doing

woman messaging someone on the phone

In this era, messaging someone is easy breezy since you can connect with someone in a matter of seconds. Thanks to social media and messenger apps, we can access anyone across the globe.

But along with the perks are a few bummers, and one of them is the awful messaging habits we’ve all done before.

Messaging someone in ALL CAPS

I get that you’re excited and all, but what’s with the need to use ALL CAPS? They say that all caps is equivalent to shouting, so sending a message like that is rude. Besides, you can use an exclamation mark to express your excitement.

Too Many Exclamations!!!!

Now, we’ve mentioned earlier that it’s better to use exclamation marks to express excitement and such, but you don’t need to overuse too. The only difference between “I can’t wait to see you!” to “I can’t wait to see you!!!!!” is that the latter will annoy the person you’re sending to.

Wrong Send?

Imagine sending your professor a lengthy message about how much you hate his class. And no, it’s not because you want to give critical criticism. It’s because you sent him the message you’re supposed to send to your best friend.

And this is why you should always check the recipient, especially if the message contains sensitive information.

Line-by-line Messaging (Multi-fire text)

Some people may find this okay since their phones are always in silent mode. But still, avoid blasting multiple messages at once.

Line by line messaging can be annoying.
Especially if the person you’re sending to is in a meeting.
And his/her phone keeps on vibrating.
Because you just can’t send a brief message about that good news.
You just have to send him/her multiple messages to prove a point.
Imagine all the notifications that the person has received just from your messages alone.
See what I’m doing here? A bit annoying, isn’t it?

Having one-on-one conversations on group chat

Being part of a group chat can be fun. People greeting each other out. People just casually sharing things about their day. But some people do love ruining the fun. Instead of having a direct message, they will just go to the group chat and start conversing with another member, acting like there are no other people on the group chat.

If there are topics that don’t concern the whole group, just direct message the person instead.

Too Many Abbreviations

If someone is trying to chat you properly, try to communicate in a proper way too. “Lol” “brb” “wdym” is okay to use as long as you’re not overdoing it.

Check the Spelling

Avoid confusion and do check your spelling, also check if auto-correct didn’t change anything. By doing this, there won’t be any mishaps and raised eyebrows when someone sees your message.

Don’t Screenshot Messages

Unless this is for emergency and not something to share with your friends, taking a screenshot of a private message isn’t a good practice at all. Imagine someone pouring his/her thoughts, and then you just screenshot to be displayed upon.

New social media apps are also improving on the messaging side. One of the added features is screenshot notification– where the recipient is notified if the other party took a screenshot of their convo. So if you ever did this and that person got notified, that person will lose their trust in you immediately.

And there you go, the 8 bad messaging habits you should avoid. Doing these will bring you a better social media and messaging experience, so always keep this in mind.

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