6 Reasons Why Secure Messaging App Is So Famous in Pakistan

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Having gone through a history of conflicts from Taliban conflict to a series of civil unrests, it’s no stranger why secure messaging apps has become famous in Pakistan: safety has become one of their utmost priorities and survival comes with a sacrifice that having one SIM card isn’t enough and it’s not without being watched, hence secure messaging apps has garnered popularity in Pakistan. Here’s 6 reasons why secure messaging app has become popular in Pakistan:

1. TelloTalk

Proudly made in Pakistan by Pakistan, the homegrown app, TelloTalk is Pakistan’s #1 secure messaging app that offers regional Pakistani keyboards that easily won over their local users, and that’s not all:  it has features that are user-friendly that’s elaborate and at the same time easy to use such as a simplistic messaging interface, secure and encrypted communication that uses C2C, B2C and B2B under a uniform platform and transaction made secure, that optimizes any form of communication whether it’s business or not.

2. User-friendly

TelloTalk’s language options, such as Urdu, Sindhi, Balochi, Pushto and Saraiki made it more accessible to each and every user in Pakistani and hence, it allows them to understand and learn other app’s secure feature such as hidden chats and unsend messages.

3. All-In-One

With so many apps outside of a secure messaging app can be quite boring and tiresome, having to switch on news browsers, the internet or watching on YouTube. The downside of using multiple apps tend to slow down your phone, TelloTalk has news and music listening feature that keeps you from multi tasking apps and at the same time the app’s encryption makes your data usage and consumption safe as messaging.

4. A Peace of Mind

Like many Asian countries who has strong family ties, Pakistan is no stranger for stronger family relationships. With TelloTalk’s popularity and proven encrypted messages manifests the assurance of safe, secure communication that ensure that they’re not being watched. The giant messaging app has their consumer’s trust.

5. All About Localization

TelloTalk earning its homegrown messaging app, aside from secure features and multiple language options, its other media features such as music listening and online browser such as news is customize on the culture, happenings anything about Pakistan – in such a way, the messaging app allowed these users to connect and identify more to their nationalistic roots.  

6. Tilisim Technologies

Hailed as one of the leading technological firms, Tilism Technologies’ innovative, centralized technological applications that are localized and also competent enough to be on par with other global innovative services with TelloTalk as one of their hallmark applications is one example of their app developing services that also provide digital and marketing platforms that are made in Pakistan.

Final Thoughts

Outside of the love for Pakistanis on secure messaging app shows they create technological innovations that are not only influenced and collaborated by Silicon Valley but rather these accomplishments evoke pride and an accomplishment that becomes a fulfillment, they share these moments with their consumer and provide the best quality possible, they’re not in for the profit but to serve and bring top-tier standards.  

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