5 Reasons Why Indian People Like Secure Messaging Apps

 “According to the IDC India’s (International Data Corporation) Quarterly Mobile Phone Tracker, smartphone companies shipped a total of 33.5 million units to India during the second quarter of 2018 (2Q18), resulting in a healthy 20% year-over-year (YoY) growth. “ (Source: IDC)

Since early last year. IDC’s findings of 20% boost of smartphone consumption in India poses a surge in demand, hence phone giants like Xiaomi and Samsung has amp up their competition. As sales grow surge, Indians are growing to be more tech literate that sets up mobile standards and is more conscious of a secure messaging app that made major messaging companies like Skype put up a lite version that accommodates the messaging needs for every Indians. We’re breaking down 5 reasons why Indian people like secure messaging apps:They Prefer to Finish Tasks on Mobile

1. They Prefer to Finish Tasks on Mobile

It’s easier, fast and convenient especially on a Delhi traffic sound like a hassle hence, mobile internet has augmented that solution and in a way, they get used to that setting and rely, take advantage on mobile internet. 77% of all Indian internet users prefer to complete tasks digitally whenever possible that prove the numbers in demand are high and when you want to make tasks finished on mobile as possible, you’d opt for a secure messaging app that prevents your data or work from ever get into prying hands or compromised any form.

2. Leading Apps Such as What’s App Has Set The Bar

Not only accessibility for all mobile users, WhatsApp’s end-to-end encryption has won over many Indian users. Being #1 for top rank messaging apps, this app has proven its end-to-end encryption provides a strong, secure encrypted messaging that allows the users to activate it on their own will, the encrypted feature prevents outside parties to ever intercept the messages. Combined with user-friendly call, text, voice and video messaging with tried and tested end-to-end encryption explains why WhatsApp has 91.7% social media reach.

3. Secure Apps Combat Misinformation and Fake News

In the age of fake news and trolls, no app or space is safe, social media sites are the most vulnerable area that fabricated news can be placed because most sites’ democratized setting. WhatsApp in India has recently made a campaign combatting. In an article in Los Angeles Times on WhatsApp’s response to fake news, the company has put a lime-green poster in an auditorium somewhere in Guwahati with the caption saying fighting fake news.

4. Mobile Internet As a Staple

As I pointed out in first three reasons, mobile internet has become both a staple and a consumption that organizations such as Digital Empowerment Foundation, a New Delhi nonprofit, being one of many groups has become a result of the demand and turn, organizations such as that seize the opportunity to provide a better understanding of tech literacy.

5. Tech Industry Doesn’t only Meet the Demands and Market, It Nurture and Inform its Customers

Continuing the issue of fake news, Digital Empowerment Foundation held 10 workshops on “Fighting Fake News” has encourage Indian citizens to take part on combating it, the industry bears a responsibility and values that encourage diligence and the users as a partner in order to be ready not to react in such incidents like kidnapping video of Ravi Guria that turned out false and this in turn become helpful to confront fear mongering, given how media can be powerful and oftentimes deceptive

Looking at these five reasons tells us that Indians love secure messaging apps for their consumption of technology that grow into understanding and helping each other to provide a better industry that is fair, responsible. Perhaps we can learn a thing or two from their industry.

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