woman showing her social media profile

5 Easy Ways to Organize Your Social Media Presence

Social media is taking us over, as new platforms and trends emerge daily. With that, it’s easy to get swayed to a lot of content that our social network accounts tend to get messy. If you’re one of those people who think that his/her social networking profiles are getting out…

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woman messaging someone on the phone

8 Awful Messaging Habits You Should Stop Doing

In this era, messaging someone is easy breezy since you can connect with someone in a matter of seconds. Thanks to social media and messenger apps, we can access anyone across the globe. But along with the perks are a few bummers, and one of them is the awful messaging…

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guy sad over free texting app scams

Got these Messages on your Free Texting App? Delete it Immediately

Yes, you may get the most secure messaging app online, but some scammers can still be sneaky and send you questionable messages on your free texting app.

So if ever you get any of these text scams, delete those messages immediately on your free texting app.

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girl checking her instant messaging app

10 Free Instant Messaging Apps that Millennials are Obsessed With

Let’s be real here: Texting is most likely a thing of the past now. As texting is coming to a slow decline, secure messaging apps for android and iOS, on the other hand, are topping the charts. What is an Instant Messaging App? According to eztalks, here is what instant…

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