11 Reasons Why Travelers Love Social Media

Traveler Taking Photo of Foods

Social media’s photo sharing features have allow traveler to post the places where they’re going, and as social media evolves with the inclusion of Instagram stories with boomerang features, social media allow us to come up with creative posts, sharing photos of the Swiss Alps and now we even share ticket stubs of where we’re going or the food that we’re eating, these photos we post on social media projects the experience, the thrill, the fun travelling, it’s engaging on culture, I want to talk about further why travelers love social media

  1. Travel Guide Pages

Lonely Planet has become a pinnacle in Travel literature that has a series of books that focus on every single city or country: be it Geneva, India, France, New York. These books contains compilations of places to eat, maps, visit, hotels, etc. that cover your needs but they can only feature so much.

Travel guide pages on social media expounds on a specific eating guide content in around 1 minute and when we’re talking about social media’s vast page, some restaurants and sites get the opportunity and spotlight.

  1. Travel Bloggers

The thing with travel bloggers, unlike influencers, these people focus on the best areas that they travel not just the beauty of the place: the pure white sand or breathtaking Paris scenery with the Eiffel Tower in the background.

  1. Culture

Some travel for vacation, some are aficionado, or the trivia they’ve seen regarding a particular place, everyone wants a taste of history lesson, and quoting Phil Dy on his show on reviewing movies: “because no one reads anymore.” While not entirely true, some aren’t just content wit

  1. Events To Follow

Most transactions and promos are done on social media that add convenience and on promoters’ end, it allows to attract more participants and guests in a wider space. Most events like the upcoming Star Celebration in Chicago 2019 has been creating a lot of buzz, a handful of fan groups have created meet and greet events, this way it creates a space that allow everyone to meet from all corners of the world t

  1. Travel Trends

Because everyone is on social media, most publishing sites, notably Elle Magazine maximize this opportunity to post trends on travel, content for people to consume and there is market. People want to know how elevate their travel, hacks and cheats on how to pack up, DIY videos of camping trips like putting spices on your tick tacks, filling up pillow cases with clothes to save camping space.

  1. Meet Other People

To those who are in love, lost, thanks to dating sites like tinder or collective group fandoms like Whovian PH and Rebel legion/Philippine 501st  has found a way to connect people and to share bonding moments that share fandom and create friendships that probably last a lifetime

  1. Food

Food, small time ones yet extraordinary ones, like Thiru Kumar’s vegetarian Dosa Food Truck in New York city has becomes viral, people all over the world would travel thousands of miles to have a bite of something they would never experience and take that opportunity once in a lifetime and stories that begin humble beginnings make travel a learning experience. After all, food defines culture.

  1. Up Close and Personal

To some, social media has become a digital diary for travel aficionados, an archive in their end becomes archive that they frequently look back, some travelers take a polaroid photo of a mountain, years later takes a snapshot that becomes their pseudo anniversary.

  1. Foodie Personalities

If you heard of Mike Chan, who tries one of everything in high end restaurants, 7 Elevens around the world tasting every food that he could grab onto. Foodie personalities become guide because they share the experience and go to uncharted territories that some magazines they don’t feature.

  1. Promos

Popular local airlines like Cebu Pacific and Pal maximize the use of social media to attract customers with travel deals such as P499 domestic travels in all areas encourage them to book but the downside is they put up prices without any tax inclusion, the illusion of affordable prices becomes clickbait sometimes.

  1. Cheap Alternatives

The idea of cheap alternatives when it comes to food, lodging and free places. Traveling is expensive but that doesn’t mean that you need to go frugal for frugal’s sake, you can still look for cheap alternatives to enjoy because money is not the answer to enjoy your travelling to the fullest, there are simple joy that can’t replace that moment or experience.

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