10 Tips for Creating a Presence in New Social Media Apps

Finally, you decided to start being an influencer by posting pictures or videos about something you are actually good at. After curating your feed and uploading amazing videos, you still have a hard time to attract new followers in your social media accounts. You need to have an online presence by following these tips:


Goals that are Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time Bound (also known as SMART) is a method that is usually known in the business world for decades but they are also crucial to create your online presence.

In the first place, why did you decide to create an impact thru using social media accounts? If you only want to follow what other people are doing, it is a problem because you don’t have the actual passion in doing it.

Once you already set your concrete purpose of being in social media, you can now direct your actions in creating posts based on it.


Remember that not everyone is your desired audience. Therefore, you need to outline your potential followers which can also be your loyal customers in the future. It will help you figure you out where social media apps are you most active, what time you should usually post, what kind of content you need to publish, what should people think about you and what should you put in your bio as an introduction?

Once you analyzed it well, you can finally post content which will be appreciated by your target audience.


People, especially your followers, want to know you on a personal level, not just a “robotic” person with zero personality. You should be willing to crack jokes or converse with them like their friends in order to increase their respect to you.


Social media apps are created in order to connect with people around the world. Because of this, it is important to maintan connection with your followers by having a conversation with them in order to have a new set of friends who will like, share, or comment your posts.


You need to post on a consistent basis in orde to keep followers updated on your social media accounts.

There are also websites that help you to create a schedule in order to control your posts, time it to maximize engagements and post it in real time. Aside from that, it prevents you to avoid repeating the same content all over again. This enables you to keep your social media accounts organized and reach your desired audience.


After creating content on the right time in order to make the right people know about it, promote your social media accounts in order to make everyone know about your online presence. You should attract them using visually aesthetic homepage feeds and icons. All of your social media accounts must be visible in one location in order to grow more followers.


It is a big no-no if you want to be known online but you don’t update your social media accounts daily by having fresh content. You can also use it as an opportunity to respond to your followers’ concerns and comments.


It is not uncommon to see trending hashtags and latest memes which are all the results of the breaking news about a certain topic. You need to keep up by creating something original about it.

At the same time, try to keep away from controversial topics which can cause people to unfollow your social media accounts.


After doing all of the things mentioned above, you notice that you still have few followers so there is a good chance that you don’t analyze your social media accounts very seriously.

You need to analyze what are your top performing content in order to see your social media presence by the numbers and scientifically find ways to increase your followers.


There are many amazing things seen online. But in order to truly stand out from the rest, you need to create original content that enables followers to learn something about you and life in general. Make it a goal to pursue your passions and share it wholeheartedly with everyone. This enables you to actually make a difference on your chosen niche.

To apply these tips in real life, try creating an account in new social media apps such as EyesUP. With its sleek interface and a lot of users worldwide, you can be assured that someone will like and share your content. After fixing your profile, don’t forget to post your other accounts to gain more followers.

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