10 Free Instant Messaging Apps that Millennials are Obsessed With

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Let’s be real here: Texting is most likely a thing of the past now. As texting is coming to a slow decline, secure messaging apps for android and iOS, on the other hand, are topping the charts.

What is an Instant Messaging App?

According to eztalks, here is what instant messaging is all about:

The definition of instant messages, or IMs, are any form of real-time text based communications sent from one person in a network (public or private) to any one or more people who share that network. The message will arrive instantaneously on the recipient’s specific medium of communication (this can be a phone, smartphone, computer/laptop, or tablet).

Instant Messaging relies on transmitting a message through wireless phone signals or through Internet systems using a software or program specifically designed for creating an IM network. While initial IM networks were restricted to text only, modern IM networks allow for text, graphic, audio, video, and even video conferencing among participants.

Imagine being able to connect to someone instantly– and for free! This is why there’s no doubt that these instant messaging apps are leading the app industry. Popular messaging apps continue to flourish while new tech teams across the globe are working to create game-changing messaging apps.

Top 10 Instant Messaging Apps (2019)

Among these most secure messaging apps available in the market, here are the top 10 free instant messaging apps that are worth installing for. Aside from presenting the apps, we’re also going to enumerate the pros and cons:

Instagram Direct


  • Minimalistic interface
  • Reliable group messaging
  • Seamless sending of videos and photos


  • Messaging notifications a bit lacking



  • Can support multiple devices
  • Well-thought interface
  • free video call app


  • It can be dangerous for minors.



  • User-friendly interface
  • Has a separate section for followers and friends
  • Best video call app, according to reviews.
  • All in one messenger, packed with social media and messaging features


  • Limited community
  • You can only add up to 50 people on group chats.



  • Integrated contact list
  • Has a well-made hidden chat feature
  • Great selection of stickers
  • Pretty customizable


  • Difficulty on backing up data
  • No tablet support



  • Ensure private messaging.
  • Encrypted calling.
  • Send different media types


  • Limited Community.
  • There’s also a limit to pin chats.




  • Limited customization features.
  • There are limits for sending files.
  • No available stickers or filters.

Facebook Messenger


  • Large gallery of images
  • Easier to use– as it is connected to your Facebook account.
  • There are available games and quizzes


  • Drains the battery
  • Requires huge storage space
  • Random notifications can be annoying



  • All-around features
  • Flexible communication options.


  • The interface needs to revamp
  • Not as secure compared to the other apps on the list.



  • Well-monitored community
  • Great set of stickers


  • The interface also needs a minor revamp
  • You’re required to download audio messages
  • No video calling

Google Hangouts


  • Easy to use
  • Good for collaborating


  • Limited users
  • Will be phased out in 2020
  • Sharing screen brings problems when communicating with the other party

And that ends our list. What are your thoughts on these messenger apps? Are you more into simpler messenger apps? Or do you like it to be integrated with social network features?

Also, which among our suggestions are you considering to use? Share this article now and let us hear your thoughts!

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